A downloadable game

I made this a long while ago. How long, I can't quite recall.

But I made it just to learn more about how Unity works. Pokemon Snap has always been one of my favorite childhood games and the idea of reliving that experience was the first thing that came to my mind when I discovered VR. 

I ran into some confusing issues while trying to import the animations I made into Unity and eventually I just gave up :[

This is the dungpile remains of that ill-destined project.  Also, I put a dickbutt image in there as a joke but I can no longer access the original Unity project file so I can't take it out. I apologize for the inconvenience......

I got a lot of the models from https://www.models-resource.com/ so thanks to all the cool people over there!

This was made using a Vive headset and Vive Wand controllers. I can't promise it'll work with any other hardware or that it will even work with the recommended hardware. I really can't emphasize enough how low your expectations should be for this.


The right trigger shoots apples.

(that's all the controls)

Nintendo, please do not hurt me. I am plump and unarmed.


PokemonSnapVR.zip 18 MB


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You should give modding Pavlov a try, this is pretty cool.